Welcome to Arke Laundry Services

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Arke Laundry Services is our commercial laundry service based in Chester le Street.

We cover businesses such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, education, healthcare and industry.

Our team will work to get your laundry turned around in a timescale which suits your business needs. We provide a collection and drop off service.

All laundry is carried out on-site with a professional all round service.

Our aim is to be as competitive as possible in the market place with negotiated deals available.

Visit the Arke Laundry website at www.arkelaundryservices.co.uk

What Arke Laundry Services can do for your Company!


    Give us a call and we will collect and drop off your laundry.


    We will work to get your laundry turned around in a time limit which suits your business.


    Our aim at Arke is to keep our prices at the most competitive in the market.