...for those clothes that just don't like the wet!

Dry cleaning Prices

Suitsfrom £7.50
Jacketsfrom £6.00
Coatsfrom £7.00
Trousers / Sweaters / Skirtsfrom £5.00
Dressesfrom £7.00
Curtains(per kilo) £4.50
Sofa / Cusion Covers (per kilo) £4.50

Please note:
Prices can be subject to change.
Above is just a typical list of the items we clean.

Dry Cleaning


    We do our utmost at the Washeteria to keep our prices as competitive as possible and we are confident you won't find cheaper anywhere else for the equivalent service.


    Our dry cleaning machine is up-to-date and maintained to give the best possible results.
    As long as the clothes can be dry cleaned then the results will be spot on.


    Drop your dry cleaning in we will sort everything for you. We will let you know how long they will take to be completed and you know you can return in the knowledge all will be perfect.